My business passion is Real Estate and I am a REALTOR in California and North Carolina and  residential loan officer in California, North Carolina, Arizona and Florida. I am really good at what I do. I started as a loan officer in 2005 and I have worked as a wholesale rep for a bank closing 30 million a month and I have done the roles of underwriter, and processor as well. I love putting families into their first time home and I am a mortgage coach which means I coach you on what you need to do to buy your first home or position yourself to be an investor or even just to move up to the new home or if a refinance will financially benefit you.  I have been a licensed real estate agent since 2009. As your REALTOR I can bring my mortgage background along with my years of experience in the real estate market to help you buy your first home buy your first investment property. I can also help you sell your home giving you strategies on how to put your best foot forward so you can make a smooth transition to your new home


My charitable passion is clean water, nutrition, and education for a community I have been working with for the last 6 years in Nicaragua. I have been the director of a nonprofit in Nicaragua working to bring Clean Water, Nutrition and Health, and Education to kids and communities in Nicaragua. My role is to bring awareness and raise money for clean water, nutrition, and education projects for the area we are currently working in. We have a local team that does the work to bring clean water to the neighborhoods. our 2019 goal is 24 clean water projects, growing this number to 50 clean water projects in 5 years. With this new water availability we plan to teach sustainable farming techniques to improve the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables which is  currently not possible due to the lack of accessible water. In 2018 we have built 3 kitchens in 3 of the local public schools, added 2 classrooms, built new bathrooms to replace the outhouse at one school, and drilled out repaired 16 wells of which several were at local public schools. We also started a free after school program to teach math, Science, Spanish , and English as a Second Language where we employ 3 local teachers. My personal passion is restoring old BMWs and cars in general